About the Owners

Timothy M. Stull

Timothy StullTimothy Stull has over 22 years of experience counseling clients that have serious foreclosure and credit problems. This background has allowed him to become extremely effective in solving his client credit and mortgage issues.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee with a BA in Economics. After graduation, Tim took positions with two major law firms. There, he developed extensive knowledge regarding credit law and collections over a span of 12 years. He is well versed in regards to foreclosure law, collection law, litigation, judgments, tax liens, court orders and garnishment. So, today he can use this extensive knowledge to not only educate his clients on how to achieve financial stability, but can also help them avoid similar situations in the future.

“I take great pride in my work. Nothing satisfies me more than sticking it to companies that participate in poor business practices. In today’s ever-changing economic environment, consumers need our help and I am happy to share my expertise. I take great pleasure in knowing we can help people and have a positive impact in the communities where we do business."

Tim also is a firm believer in giving back to the community. He is a dog lover—particularly found of beagles. He is the proud owner of two. He donates money to The Pedigree Foundation & The Arizona Beagle Rescue. He is also an avid Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks fan. Tim currently lives with his wife, Jen, and son, Mac, in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tim is the proud owner of 5 major websites, which are a starting point for helping people with foreclosure and credit problems. Be sure to check out Tim's financial blog.

If you would like to e-mail Tim directly, do so at tstull@freshstart-legalnetwork.com.

Derrick Spearman

Derrick Spearman has worked in the financial arena for over 15 years assisting consumers with a wide range of customized solutions. His extensive experience includes but is not limited to working as a Financial Advisor in Collections, Home Loan Specialist, and now a Loan Modifications Specialist.

As a Financial Advisor, he helped clients by perfecting individually tailored debt repayment programs to have their financial status once again be in good standing. Following his career in Collections, Mr. Spearman strengthened his expertise by retaining the position of 'Home Loan Specialist'. He prospected as well as qualified clients for home loans and also facilitated the refinancing of their existing loans. With this background Derrick became well versed in educating, proposing, and executing a prominent way for his clients to be successful, by consistently approaching each client's needs with the utmost level of integrity.

"I am notably grateful for the opportunity to assist numerous satisfied clients attain the 'American Dream' of owning their own homes. I have been in this industry at its worst and am elated to practice with a group that still conducts ethical, prudent, and dedicated individualized personal customer satisfaction."

Mr. Spearman is a highly motivated and results-oriented professional with excellent customer service and communication skills. Derrick is a family man and proud father of three beautiful children who give him his inspiration to help families protect their most cherished possession.

Simply put, Derrick Spearman strives to provide the best service in the industry, and considers it a privilege to consistently meet and exceed his clients’ expectations while helping them move forward through the loan modification process.

If you would like to e-mail Derrick directly, do so at dspearman@freshstart-legalnetwork.com.